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SPA pool circuits

The healing power of water

Cold water pool

Cold water pool for temperature contrasts that tone the skin and muscles of the body. It has a very beneficial effect on the circulation.

Sensations pool

The sensations pool consists of water jets. The jets are aimed at different areas of the body like legs, thighs, feet and back.

Effects pool

Located in the middle of a lower circular jacuzzi, various jets are aimed at the edges of the pool, along with waterfall and swans’ neck jets for contractures in the cervical area. One of the most interesting parts are the air hammocks. What makes them so unique and novel in the industry is that the air applied along the entire back of the body is applied on acupuncture points, in particular, on 15 specific acupuncture points; For example, by applying air on the shoulder points, we treat allergies, colds, asthma, tachycardia, heart attacks and thrombosis and prevent and improve skin conditions. If the air is applied to the back of the knee, we treat backbone pain, thrombosis, leg paralysis, malfunction of the prostate and bladder. Because of the height of the water, it is in this pool that we do water therapy: individual sessions of Watsu – a relaxation technique using body movement in the water – Halliwick or Bad Ragaz.