Get in shape at Spa Mercedes

With the support of the best professionals

Mercedes Centro Deportivo Spa offers its clients, through the Fitness Department of its gym in Logroño, a balance between body and mind focused on health, immersed in the “Wellness” concept of well-being.

The Fitness Department carries out comprehensive and personalised work through a Physical Advice Service(FAS). To this end, Centro Deportivo Spa Mercedes has equipped the Fitness room with cutting-edge machines with the advice and participation of the most experienced and qualified professionals.

Via the FAS, we carry out a monitoring of our clients from the very moment they arrive at our Centre with the aim of gathering as much information as possible about their state of health.

  • Thanks to the Physical Activity Aptitude Questionnaire (PAR-Q), the information needed to design the most suitable training is obtained.
  • This is complemented by taking the resting heart rate and measuring the blood pressure, percentage of body fat and muscle via bioelectric impedance.

With all these details, an individualised exercise programme is designed, and it will be renewed periodically with the attention of our instructors in the Fitness room with personal attention during the time period you choose.

All this will make it possible to prevent or act against different situations (hypertension obesity, osteoporosis, asthma, diabetes, etc.).

Visit our sports centre and enjoy one of the best gyms in Logroño. You won’t regret it!