Dietitian-nutritionist in Logroño

Professional advice

Centro Deportivo Spa Mercedes offers you the service of a DIETITIAN with whom you can learn healthy lifestyle habits without giving up a variety of foods to prevent monotony. Get rid of the concept of “diet” as a sacrifice in which you are going to be hungry or eat something you do not like. Accompany your training with a diet and make positive progress thanks to regular, personalised monitoring. We will teach you maintenance once you have reached your goals.

Tipos de dietas:

  • Balanced diet
  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Sports diets
  • Specific diets tailored to the patient’s medical condition

Diet characteristics:

  • Personalised: studying the tastes, habits, availability, physical and nutritional condition and calculation of energy needs.
  • Balanced: always taking the patient’s energy and nutritional needs into account.
  • Varied: includes all the food groups, unless otherwise indicated, and calculation of energy needs.