Zumba Classes in Logroño

Have fun while burning calories

Zumba is a very enjoyable dance discipline that both men and women can do. It boosts your energy, improves coordination and physical fitness, brings well-being to your body and it is also a way to release stress.

Dancing has a positive effect on the cardiovascular and nervous systems, besides acting as a powerful antidepressant. So here are the benefits that taking part in this discipline brings.

  1. An excellent calorie-burner: with this routine, fat loss increases due to its cardiovascular and calorie-burning nature.
  2. It tones the body: the rhythm of the music and the aerobic exercises will help strengthen your arms, legs, glutes and abs.
  3. Fun: it is important to avoid boredom so you don’t quit. One of Zumba’s benefits is that it completely changes the idea of sport, thanks to the music used to do it, a mix of Latin and up-to-date sounds like reggaeton, salsa, cumbia, flamenco, merengue, calypso, rumba and samba, among others.
  4. It makes people happy: combing easy movements with fun rhythms puts people in a good mood.
  5. It relieves tension: doing the different dance steps causes a rise in the levels of different hormones and substances like endorphins that stimulate good moods and relaxation.
  6. It is suitable for all ages: People of all ages are welcome. There are programmes for everyone that include an effective and stimulating workout regardless of each person’s own physical condition.