Taekwondo classes in Logroño

Much more than a martial art

Taekwondo is a martial art (and also an Olympic sport) originating in Korea. It was originally created as a way to seek physical and mental health.

It stands out for the variety and showiness of its kicking techniques (chagi), and also include hand and fist techniques (chirugi, chigi and chumok), the elbow, the foot and even the knee (for example, to break boards, bricks and other items).

Taekwondo also consists of very varied self-defence techniques such as grabs, luxations, blocks and sweeps. Its movements make it a very effective martial art in fighting with the feet, especially at long- and mid-distances where the leg strength and speed developed by practitioners can best be leveraged.

To speak of benefits, we should bear in mind three types:

  • The physical benefits
  • The psychological benefits
  • It prevents heart disease

This is due to being in constant movement, which burns fat the body does not need to the point that it prevents heart disease. In other words, if you are an obese person, it would advisable to practice taekwondo to maintain a healthy life.

  • It improves endurance and muscle strength.
  • The training sessions of this martial art includes exercises that, for a beginner, may be tedious and very demanding, but in reality these exercises help us to strengthen our body and make us a physically stable person, lift our spirits and, especially, help us to be in shape.
  • It increases elasticity and flexibility.
  • During these training sessions, the taekwondo master teaches exercises on how to keep the body light and flexible, since being a good practitioner of taekwondo requires elasticity in order to do any technique without any complications. This type of exercise may seem painful, but they are extremely effective.
  • It promotes knowledge of one’s own body.
  • As a practitioner of this art, we realise, over time, what our weak points are and so we are able to improve them.