Pilates classes in Logroño

Regain your vitality and get rid of stress

A combination of stretching and toning exercises that seek harmony and balance in our body. Connect your mind and listen to your body. It improves your posture and relieves body blockages and tension caused by daily life and stress.

The basics of the Pilates method:

  • Concentration: indispensable to control breathing and movements.
  • Breathing: it is the fundamental parameter of the Pilates method.
  • Control : of our body and of our movements.
  • Core: all exercises are based on our CORE.
  • Fluidity: coordination and rhythm in the movements.

Everyone can find a method for feeling better in Pilates since there is a wide variety of exercise that can be adapted both to professional athletes as well as beginners. Each person will find their routine for exercising in the best way possible based on their characteristics and goals.