Latin dance classes in Logroño

Rhythm and passion

One of the keys to exercising regularly is to have fun and enjoy ourselves while we burn calories and tone our muscles.

Latin dances are fun and have multiple benefits:

  • Cardiovascular benefit: it facilitates blood circulation and skin tone. The respiratory and vascular systems also benefit from this activity.
  • It improves your image: it promotes drainage of liquids and toxins and the removal of excess fat. It is ideal for burning calories. It combats overweight, obesity and high cholesterol levels.
  • Corrects poor posture: dance can help correct the poor postures we use in our day-to-day lives and at work.
  • It strengthens muscles: the dance involves different muscle groups and increases flexibility, strength and endurance. It is very positive for people suffering from bone conditions and joint stiffness.
  • It boosts coordination: it improves agility, balance and coordination with movements. It is a good exercise for the brain, improves concentration and memory.
  • It improves physical appearance: many of the negative postures that come from a sedentary lifestyle are corrected with dance. Standing straight and tall and stepping harmoniously improve one’s physical presence.
  • For seniors, it is recommended for alleviating joint pain, osteoporosis and preventing ageing.