Kenpo classes in Logroño

Versatile self-defence

Kenpo is a combination of ancient fighting techniques and modern scientific principles, a flow of movements without end. Each movement generates a specific reaction in the opponent, and each reaction guides you to your next move. Each punch is a block and each block is a punch. Each movement flows into the next; this logical sequence of flow and action is the essence of kenpo.

The word kenpo comes from the combination of two Japanese words: ken: fist and po: law

Thus, this martial art, although rooted in the Shaolin temple in China, has come to us through Okinawa and from there to Japan.

It consists of:

  1. Techniques or set of pre-established defensive-offensive movements opposing a given attack.
  2. Forms or katas elaborate combination of techniques done in the air.
  3. Fights governed by rules designed for their performance in competitions.

The technique are proof of the importance given to personal defence. These techniques seek the maximum effectiveness through versatility as a kenpoist may choose among many means of defence using kicks, punches, elbows strikes, dislocations, holds, sweeps, knee strikes, chokes and many other strikes using practically his entire body as a weapon.

Technically, it is based on three principles:

  1. Continuity: body movements must be fluid, always taking into account strategic changes produced by our movement and that of the opponent to re-situate ourselves in an advantageous position for both defence and attack.
  2. Economy of movement: every change of position implies either a strike or a series of strikes, or a block and a counterattack.
  3. Intermittent energy: energy is economised in movements and blocks in order to accumulate it when hitting the opponent.