Indoor cycling (spinning) classes in Logroño

All the benefits of cycling without leaving the gym

The main objective is the work on cardiovascular endurance and the muscular exercise done. It is possible to burn from 400 to 600 Kcal in one session. This is a low-impact activity, which reduces the risk of injury and minimises joint stress. Spinning does not require complex coordination or balance and it is not necessary to be a bike rider or have ridden a bicycle before.

Spinning is a physical activity done in a group on stationary bikes to the rhythm of music in which the work is predominantly high-intensity cardiovascular mainly involving the large muscle groups of the lower body. The class is guided by an instructor who is responsible for leading the session towards the pre-established goals.

Currently, this is well-established and highly popular activity due to a number of factors.

  • People cycle outdoors less in the winter because of the adverse weather conditions. So with the indoor cycling, there is no reason that fans of this sport have to get out of shape.
  • The roads are becoming increasingly dangerous for cycling, and this gives bikers an indoor cycling alternative.
  • Another factor is the fact that, when large muscle groups are mobilised, significant cardiovascular work is done and, at the same time, it burns a lot of calories. This means that this activity is highly recommended for those who want to lose weight.
  • It is appealing because the cardiovascular work done is much more fun and motivating than running on a treadmill.