Cross-training in Logroño

The most functional workout

The aim of this fun activity is to train basic physical capacities through functional exercises. The fact that movements and muscle chains are worked instead of isolated muscles favours a fast and thorough workout.

The cross-training workout is high in intensity and reduced in duration; each session lasts 45 minutes.

The session is broken down into three differentiated parts:

  • The first is a general warm-up using joint mobility exercises and stretching.
  • In the second part functional exercises – which are organised into a circuit and regulated by periods of workout with little rest.
  • Lastly, there is a cool-down stage to lower the heartrate and stretch the muscle groups worked during the session.

In these classes, we mainly work on the muscle strength of the entire body, but they also improve aerobic capacity and other physical capacities such as flexibility, coordination and agility.